When someone insults my OTP


oh look, a beautiful canon couple:


oh look, two dudes, bros, platonic buddies:


another canon couple:


aaaand the platonic buddies strike again:


but these are just our delusions, obviously.

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"From the start of the first season we have made it a point to focus on depicting the image of Makoto reaching out his hand to Haruka. Only in this scene, Makoto was shown to let go. This was part of his growth, and both of their growth. After all, as part of growing up, they can’t be together all the time. The act of Makoto letting go was a big step for him. But it’s definitely not anything to be sad about, and rather, it’s a positive implication of their growth. After all, in the final episode, he reached out his hand to Haruka again, right?” [x]

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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened…


“You're the sane one, aren't you?”


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#Jim always looks at Spock like he’s imagining the possibilities #like he’s thinking ‘what if…’ #’what if he wasn’t chained by his heritage?’ #’what if he said how he felt?’ #’what if ~I~ said how I felt?’ #’what if I asked him to dinner and told him to put aside business for the night?’ #’what if he started to leave for his quarters and I asked him to stay?’ #’what if we’re good together and even better closer?’ #’…what if I never find out?’ 

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